xcmstest - XCMS test program


xcmstest [-display displayname]
xcmstest -echo [-display displayname] < cmdfile


The xcmstest(1) utility was developed as a simple test interface for testing the XCMS application programming interface (API) library during its development.


Insure that the Screen Color Characterization Data has been placed in the appropriate properties on the screen's root window. To load these properties, refer to the xcmsdb utility provided with this release.

In order to convert color names using a client-side color name database, the database file must be specified by using the XCMSDB environment variable.

To use the sample database provided with this release set XCMSDB as follows:

$ setenv XCMSDB 'pwd'/Xcms.txt


Upon invoking xcmstest(1), you should receive the "XCMS >" prompt. At this point, you can begin entering commands.

To list the commands currently available enter list:

XCMS >  list

To receive help for a specific command enter the command name followed by -help. For example:

XCMS >  LookupColor -help

The -echo option provides a more readable output, echoing the command from the cmdfile. At some point, you might want to try using some simple test cases provided with the release (in the tc directory; for instance, test1, test2, AllocNColor, gamutquery). For file test1, invoke xcmstest(1) as follows:

$ xcmstest -echo < tc/test1


Color name strings passed to xcmstest(1) commands cannot contain a space. Because spaces are ignored by the XCMS API library, however, you can pass a color name with the spaces eliminated. For example:

XCMS >  LookupColor cornflowerblue UNDEFINED RGB



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