ssimda - deliver mail to local mailbox


ssimda address ...
ssimda [-x]


The ssimda(1) utility is a simple mail delivery agent. It reads an e-mail message from standard input and delivers it to the local mailbox specified by each address on the command line. Network addresses are not supported; addresses containing an @ or ! are ignored.

The following option is supported:

Print a usage message to standard error.

The ssimda(1) utility makes no assumptions about message structure: it does not examine the message headers. For compatibility with most other mail systems, however, the message on standard input should be in RFC822 format (with the usual exceptions for MIME and so on).

The text on standard input is appended to the mailbox of address; each message is preceded by a blank line and begins with the line

From username
where username is the name of the sender. If a line in the body of the message begins with "From" it will be prepended with ">" to prevent confusion with the beginning of a message.

The maximum length of a line in a mail message is {POSIX2_LINE_MAX} bytes; to see the value of this limit on your system, use the getconf(1) utility.


The ssimda(1) utility returns the following exit values:

Successful completion.
An error occurred.


The ssimda(1) utility uses the following files:

The mail directory; ssimda(1) puts local mail in this directory.