puzzle - 15-puzzle game for X


puzzle [-option ...]


The puzzle(1) utility with no arguments plays a 4x4 15-puzzle. The control bar contains two boxes. Clicking the left box scrambles the puzzle. Clicking the right box solves the puzzle. Clicking the middle button anywhere else in the control bar causes puzzle to exit. Clicking the tiled region moves the empty spot to that location if the region you click is in the same row or column as the empty slot.

The options are as follows:

-display display
This option specifies the display to use; see X(5).
-geometry geometry
This option specifies the size and position of the puzzle window; see X(5).
This option specifies the size of the puzzle in squares.
-speed num
This option specifies the speed in tiles per second for moving tiles around.
-picture filename
This option specifies an image file containing the picture to use on the tiles. Try mandrill.cm. This only works on 8-bit pseudo-color screens.
This option indicates that the program should create its own color map for the picture option.




The picture option should work on a wider variety of screens.