print - print arguments on standard output


print [-nprsun | -R [-en]] [argument ...]


This command is a Korn-shell built-in command.

The print command prints its arguments on the standard output, separated by spaces, and terminated with a newline. The -n option suppresses the newline. By default, certain C escapes are translated. These include \b, \f, \n, \r, \t, \v, and \0###. (Note that # is an octal digit, of which there can be 0 to 3.) \c is equivalent to using the -n option. \ expansion can be inhibited with the -r option. The -s option prints to the history file instead of standard output, the -u option prints to file descriptor n (n defaults to 1 if omitted), and the -p option prints to the co-process (see the section on co-processes in ksh(1)).

The -R option is used to emulate, to some degree, the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) echo command, which does not process \ sequences unless the -e option is given. As above, the -n option suppresses the trailing newline.