pod2html - convert .pod files to .html files


pod2html --help --htmlroot=name --infile=name --outfile=name
		 --podpath=name:...:name --podroot=name
		 --libpods=name:...:name --recurse --norecurse --verbose
		 --index --noindex --title=name


Converts files from pod format (see perlpod) to HTML format.


The pod2html(1) utility takes the following arguments:

Displays the usage message.
Sets the base URL for the HTML files. When cross references are made, the HTML root is prepended to the URL.
Specify the pod file to convert. Input is taken from STDIN if no infile is specified.
Specify the HTML file to create. Output goes to STDOUT if no outfile is specified.
Specify the base directory for finding library pods.
Specify the subdirectories in which the podroot contains pod files whose HTML converted forms can be linked-to in cross references.
List of page names (for example, perlfunc) which contain linkable items.
Use Netscape HTML directives when applicable.
Do not use Netscape HTML directives (default).
Generate an index at the top of the HTML file (default behavior).
Do not generate an index at the top of the HTML file.
Recurse into subdirectories specified in podpath (default behavior).
Do not recurse into subdirectories specified in podpath.
Specify the title of the resulting HTML file.
Display progress messages.


Tom Christiansen


See the Pod::Html man page for a list of known bugs in the translator.