oclock - display time of day


oclock [-option ...]


The clock(1) utility simply displays the current time on an analog display.


-fg foreground_color
Choose a different color for the hands and the "jewel" at the top of of the clock.
-bg background_color
Choose a different color for the background.
-jewel jewel_color
Choose a different_color for the jewel on the clock.
-minute minute_color
Choose a different color for the minute hand of the clock.
-hour hour_color
Choose a different color for the hour hand of the clock.
-backing { WhenMapped Always NotUseful }
Selects an appropriate level of backing store.
-geometry geometry
Define the initial window geometry; see X(5).
-display display
Specify the display to use; see X(5).
-bd border color
Choose a different color for the window border.
-bw border width
Choose a different width for the window border. Because the clock widget changes its border quite a bit, this is best set to zero.
Causes the clock to not reshape itself or ancestors to exactly fit the outline of the clock.
Causes the clock to consist only of the jewel, the hands, and the border.


If you want to be able to view your clock in color, include the following in the #ifdef COLOR section you read with xrdb(1):

*customization:				 -color

This will cause oclock to pick up the colors in the app-defaults color customization file: /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Clock-color. The default colors are as follows:

Clock*Background: grey
Clock*BorderColor: light blue
Clock*hour: yellow
Clock*jewel: yellow
Clock*minute: yellow



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