jobs - list active jobs


C shell

jobs [-l]

Korn shell

jobs [-lpn] [job ...]


This command is a built-in command in the C shell and the Korn shell.

C shell

The jobs(1) command lists the active jobs. With -l, it lists process identifiers (IDs) in addition to the normal information. On TCF systems, prints the site on which each job is executing.

Korn shell

The jobs(1) command displays information about the specified jobs; if no jobs are specified, all jobs are displayed. The -n option causes information to be displayed only for jobs that have changed state since the last notification. If the -l option is used, the process identifier (PID) of each process in a job is also listed. The -p option causes only the process group of each job to be printed. See "Job Control" in ksh(1) for the format of job and the displayed job.