@ - print or set shell variables


@ name = expr
@ name[index] = expr


This command is a C-shell built-in command.

When used alone, @ prints the value of all shell variables.

When used in the form @name = expr, @ sets the specified name to the value of expr. If expr contains <, >, & or '', at least that part of expr must be placed within ().

When used in the form @ name[index] = expr, @ assigns the value of expr to the argument of name specified by index. Both name and the component specified by index must already exist. The expr argument can contain the operators *, +, and so on, as in C. The space separating the name from the assignment operator is optional. Spaces are mandatory, however, in separating components of expr that would otherwise be single words. Special postfix ++ and -- operators increment and decrement name respectively, such as @ i++.