sfuadmin - Windows command-line utility to manage Windows Services for UNIX


sfuadmin [computer] [-u usr [-p pwd]]
sfuadmin [computer] [-u usr [-p pwd]] config option[...]


The sfuadmin(1w) Windows command-line utility administers Windows Services for UNIX on the local computer or on a remote computer running Windows Services for UNIX version 3.0. If you are logged on with an account that does not have the required privileges, you can specify a user name and password of an account that does. The action performed by sfuadmin depends on the command arguments you supply.

In addition to service-specific command arguments and options, sfuadmin accepts the following:

Specifies the remote computer you want to administer. You can specify the computer using a WINS or DNS name, or by Internet Protocol (IP) address.
-u usr
Specifies the user name of the user whose credentials are to be used. It might be necessary to add the domain name to the user name in the form domain\username
-p pwd
Specifies the password of the user specified using the -u option. If you specify the -u option but omit the -p option, you are prompted for the user's password.

The specific action that sfuadmin server takes depends on the command option or argument you specify:

Specifies general settings for Windows Services for UNIX. You must supply at least one of the following options with the config command argument:
Sets server as the User Name Mapping server for all Windows Services for UNIX components. To specify the computer being administered as the User Name Mapping server, you can specify localhost as server.

If you do not specify a command option or argument, sfuadmin displays the Windows Services for UNIX version number and current configuration settings.