nis2ad - Windows command-line utility to migrate maps from Network Information Service (NIS) to Active Directory directory service


nis2ad.exe -y NIS_Domain -a AD_domain [options] mapfile


The nis2ad Windows command-line utility transfers the entries in the Network Information Service (NIS) map source file specified by mapfile located in the UNIX NIS domain specified by NIS_domain to the Active Directory domain specified by AD_domain. NIS map source files are the plain text files from which the NIS map databases are compiled.

The -m option must be specified to perform the actual migration; otherwise, nis2ad performs the actions it would perform in an actual migration without actually changing Active Directory, including logging any conflicting entries.

The nis2ad utility accepts the following options and arguments:

-d directoryname
Specifies the name of the directory that contains NIS map source files.
-s server
Specifies the domain controller server hosting Active Directory; otherwise, uses the current server.
-u user
Specifies the name of a user having administrator permissions on this computer; otherwise, uses the current user.
-p password
If a password is needed but is not specified, nis2ad prompts the user for the password.
-f logfile
Specifies the name of the log file. The log file must be on your local computer. The default is %temp%\nis2ad.log.
-c conflictfile
Specifies the file where conflict details are written. The default is %temp%\conflicts.log.
-r {yes|no}
Replaces the object in Active Directory with the object being migrated. The default is no.
-t targetContainer
Specifies the target container name. Applicable only when creating a new NIS domain. If not specified, uses default or uses the container of the target domain.
Performs the migration. If this option is omitted, the program finds and reports conflicts, but does not actually perform the migration.
Displays usage information for the command.


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