iconv - Windows command-line utility to convert encoded characters to another code set


iconv -f fromCode -t toCode [-s char] [file...]
iconv -l


The iconv Windows command-line utility converts the encoding of characters in file from one coded character set to another, and writes the results to standard output.

The input and output coded character sets are identified by fromCode and toCode. If the file argument is not specified on the command line, the iconv command reads the standard input. The result of specifying invalid characters in the input stream is that the input value is translated to the substitute character. If no conversion exists for a particular character, it is converted to the substitute character in the target code set.

The iconv utility accepts the following options and arguments:

-f fromCode
Specifies the input code set.
-t toCode
Specifies the output code set.
-s char
Specifies the character to substitute for characters that do not exist in the output code set. Default is underscore (_).
One or more files that contain the data to be converted.
Displays a list of supported code sets.