autodfs - Windows command-line utility to read automount maps and create Distributed File System (DFS) links


autodfs -r DfsRoot [-p DfsPath] -v AutomountFile


The autodfs Windows command-line utility uses information in UNIX files called automount maps to create DFS links. The file must follow the format shown below. You must also use the Windows DFS administrative tools to create the DFS root before you run autodfs.

The autodfs command accepts the following arguments and options:

-r DfsRoot
Specifies the name of the DFS root to which you want to add DFS links.
-p DfsPath
Specifies a node of the DFS root under which links to automount entries are created. If DfsPath is not specified, automount links are created under the DFS root.
Turns on verbose output to display status messages.
The path to the automount file.

Automount file format

The lines in the automount file must follow this format:

MountPoint flags ServerPathToShare

The name of the file or volume to which you want to create a link.
If flags are included in the file, they must be preceded by a minus sign (-). The autodfs command ignores all flags.
The path to the network file system (NFS) share.