As any Windows [tm] system administrator knows, managing a large Windows NT or Active Directory domain can be a challenge. One of the limitations of the built-in native Microsoft management tools is their lack of any reporting or exporting capabilities.   Once your organization's domain begins to grow with hundreds or thousands of users and groups, file shares, printers, and other network objects, management of this information becomes a necessity.  


SystemTools Software designed SystemTools Exporter Pro to export a wide range of system objects, including users and group information, shares, computers, printers, disk space, services, registry, network information, scheduled jobs, and Active Directory information.


Some of Exporter Pro's features include:


Stored settings for export configuration and properties.

User-definable registry templates, including built-in templates for exporting installed software and hotfix information.

User-definable Active Directory queries allowing for an unlimited number of possible export formats for any Active Directory attribute.

Integration with Hyena , the leading system administration tool for management of Windows NT/2000/2003 domains.

Cost-effective per-administrator seat pricing and licensing.