Exporting Logon (Last Logon) Information


Logon Information Exporting Background

Both Windows NT and Windows 2000/2003 (Active Directory) have several logon-related attributes that can be exported for user accounts.  These attributes are as follows (Active Directory attribute names in parentheses):

Last Logon (lastlogon) - Last user logon date/time

Last Logoff (lastlogoff) - Last user logoff date/time (may not be maintained by the operating system)

Bad Password Count (badpwdcount) - The number of bad password logon attempts since last reset

Logon Count (logoncount) - The total number of logons for this account

These attributes are automatically updated by the operating system, however, they are not updated the same way as other NT/Active Directory users elements.  Normally, any user attribute will be kept replicated between all domain controllers in a Windows NT/Active Directory domain.  These logon-related attributes, however are maintained separately for each domain controller and never consolidated or combined.

It can, therefore, be somewhat time consuming to export this information.  Exporter Pro makes exporting these user logon-related elements easy and as efficient as possible.

Exporting Logon Information - Active Directory

To configure Exporter Pro to export logon information from multiple domain controllers, it is first recommended that a separate Active Directory query be configured for exporting user logon information due to processing time that may be required to produce the export.

Note: When exporting combined user logon information, the samaccountname attribute must be included in the output definition, and one or more of the logon-related attributes (lastlogon, lastlogoff, badpwdcount, logoncount) must be included in the directory query.  Other directory attributes can be included as well.

When creating a new query or modifying an existing query to export user logon information, the Object Filter Type must be set to "Users".   

Click the Set Options... button to set user export options.

Enable the option to Enable exporting logon information for all domain controllers.

Exporting Logon Information - Windows NT domains

For Windows NT domains, select Configuration Properties->Export Properties->NT/Local Users.  Select Domain User Exporting Options, and enable the Enable exporting logon information for all domain controllers option.

Logon Information Exporting Options

Select the type of user logon information export:

Combined - When this option is selected, Exporter Pro will report the greatest (last) value for Last Logon and Logoff information, and the sum of the Bad Password and Logon Count values.

Separate - When this option is selected, Exporter Pro will export ALL of the logon information from each domain controller individually.  To distinguish the output from one domain controller from another, include a symbol such as %Object_Name% in the output fields.