System Requirements


Exporter Pro can be run on any Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003 client.  The client running Exporter Pro can be a 'workstation' or 'server' version of Windows.  The information being exported can be from any system running these versions of Windows.  Windows 98 and earlier versions of Windows are not supported.

Exporting Active Directory Information

Note: To export Active Directory information, the client computer running Exporter Pro must NOT be using Windows NT 4.0.

It is recommended that the client computer have an installation of Microsoft's Administration Tools (AdminPak) if any Active Directory information from a Windows 2000/2003 domain is being exported.  The AdminPak.MSI file can be found in one of the following locations:

Note that there are different versions of the adminpak.msi file for Windows 2000 and Windows XP/2003.  If the client computer running Exporter Pro is running Windows 2000, you need to install the Windows 2000 adminpak either from the CD or from the server.

Exporting Terminal Server Information

Microsoft has added the interfaces for accessing terminal server user settings through a .DLL named “wtsapi32.dll”.  This file is part of service pack 4 and later for Windows Terminal Server and is already present on Windows 2000 and later systems that are configured to offer Terminal Server services.

Copy the following files into Exporter Pro's installation or the client system (System32) directory, which can be found in the system32 directory of a server configures for Terminal Server services




Microsoft does not unfortunately allow third party software developers to re-distribute these files.

Exporting WMI Information

To export information using WMI, both the client computer running Exporter Pro as well as any remote computers encountered by the exporting software must have WMI capabilities.  If in doubt of WMI functionality, use either Hyena v6.0 or later or Microsoft's CIM Studio to test WMI functionality.

Security and Permissions

Exporter Pro depends entirely upon the operating system for security and authentication, and does not alter or modify the security capabilities in Windows.   Any user that is using Exporter Pro therefore does not have any greater or lesser degree of functionality than what could be performed outside of Exporter Pro.   If a user running Exporter Pro attempts to access information for which they are not authorized to access, Exporter Pro will display an appropriate access denied error message.  Exporter Pro can be used either directly from the actively logged on user account, or the "Run As" option can be used when the stexport.exe file is executed.  Exporter Pro can also be scheduled to run through an alternate account using the Windows Task Scheduler.