The Title Bar Button Menu

You can put the TAM E-SSO Title Bar Button on all application window title bars. The Title Bar Button lets you log on quickly to applications and Web sites you've already configured and add new logons as you work.


You can set the Title Bar Button to display a shortcut menu for using or adding logons, or you can omit the menu and use the Title Bar Button as a one-click logon command.

To show or hide the Title Bar Button

  1. Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon image\productIcon.gif on the Windows system tray to display the shortcut menu. Point to Configuration, then click Settings. The Settings dialog appears.

  2. On the Settings dialog, click the Logons tab

  3. Select the Title Bar Button check box to show the Title Bar Button or clear the check box to hide the icon.

  4. Click the Display Dropdown check box to activate the Title Bar Button shortcut menu or clear the check box to deactivate the menu. If you clear this option, clicking the Title Bar Button initiates a logon to the active application.

  5. Click [OK].


Tip: To hide the Title Bar Button and menu at any time, click the Title Bar Button on any application title bar and select Hide Title Bar Button.