Setting up TAM E-SSO - Setup Wizard

Before you begin using TAM E-SSO, the Setup Wizard checks to make certain that TAM E-SSO has all the information it needs. This is also called the First Time Use Wizard (FTU). You must provide the information requested in order to use TAM E-SSO.

Tip: If you cancel the Setup Wizard, it will re-appear each time you try to start TAM E-SSO until you've completed the Wizard.


The Setup Wizard may skip any or all of the following tasks, depending on the installation options selected, your network's configuration and the settings your SSO administrator makes.



Restore an existing backup?

If you've backed up any pre-existing TAM E-SSO settings, select the I want to restore an existing backup of my settings check box. If you choose this option, TAM E-SSO will complete the setup process from your stored settings. See Backing Up and Restoring for more information.

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