Managing Passwords

TAM E-SSO automated password change increases security by eliminating the potential for poor password selection and poor password management. It also increases usability by saving you the trouble of creating, changing, and remembering passwords. TAM E-SSO detects when an application requests a password change, then automatically generates a new password that conforms to a password policy (the rules that govern what a valid password can be) that your administrator sets.


Most applications allow you to change your logon password at any time; some require you to change passwords periodically, for example, every 30 days. You can use TAM E-SSO to apply and keep track of these changes.



If your SSO administrator has configured an application logon for automatic password change, TAM E-SSO detects the application's password-change reminder and automatically displays the Change Password dialog to help you.



When an application like Lotus Notes requests a password change, TAM E-SSO prompts with the Change Password dialog (unless the administrator has configured TAM E-SSO to perform the change automatically). See the Changing Your Application Password topic for instructions on using this dialog.


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