LDAP Synchronizer Logon

This prompt appears when TAM E-SSO requires logon information in order to synchronize information on your workstation with a remote directory (LDAP) server.

Note: Your synchronizer logon may or may not be the same as your primary logon. Consult your password administrator or help desk for details.

If TAM E-SSO cannot locate the information on the remote server, this prompt reappears. If this happens, you must repeat the logon and provide your user path: the location of the information TAM E-SSO is trying to find. Your user path has this general format:



UserName is your username or userID.

OrganizationName is the name for your department or workgroup.

DomainName is the name for a specific computer or computer group.

There may be multiple OrganizationNames and DomainNames.



  1. Again type your Username and Password for the directory server

  2. Type your User Path and click [OK].


Tip: If your synchronizer logon is not successful (or if you do not know your user path), click [Cancel]. You can continue to use TAM E-SSO. However, you will not have access to new administrative information (such as pre-configured application logons) or be able to remotely store your credentials until synchronization succeeds. Contact your password administrator or help desk for assistance.