Example: Logging on Automatically

TAM E-SSO automatically detects when you've encountered a password-protected application or Web site. If you already provided credentials (username/ID, password, and other information) for that application or Web site, TAM E-SSO automatically enters your credentials in the appropriate fields and logs you on.

Let's say you've already provided credentials for your Lotus Notes account. As soon as you open Lotus Notes, TAM E-SSO recognizes this logon screen's request for credentials.

Now let's say you've opened the logon screen for an application or Web site for which you have not yet provided credentials.

If the Auto Prompt feature is active, TAM E-SSO offers to store your credentials for this application.

TAM E-SSO logs you on. From now on, whenever you start this application, TAM E-SSO will recognize the application's logon prompt and supply your credentials automatically.