SNMP Viewer

The SNMP Viewer lets you quickly view the status of interfaces on an SNMP-manageable device.

An SNMP manageable device is identified on the map by a star in the upper-right corner of the device.

To view interfaces for an SNMP manageable device:

The SNMP Viewer displays an icon for each interface on the device, as shown in the following example.


This view shows all interfaces on the selected device, and for each interface, shows its type and status. Colors indicate the status of an interface: Note: The colors below are the default colors, but you can change these from the Configure menu, by selecting Interface state colors.


the interface is up and running


the interface is down


the interface is not configured

To view detailed SNMP data for an interface:

The MIB Viewer shows current data for that interface.

Right-click the System device icon (first icon on the left) to open the System information section of the MIB tree.

To graph any of the SNMP counters:

Select one or more counters to graph, then click Ok.

The SNMP Graph Utility appears and begins graphing the selected SNMP object. You can select multiple objects to appear on the same graph.

To view other SNMP objects for the selected device:

ARP Table

Address Table

Route Table

Interface Table

To view SNMP objects for other devices, you can: