MIB Viewer

To show the SNMP MIB objects for an interface, right-click an interface icon (in the SNMP Viewer), then select View MIB from the popup menu. The MIB Viewer shows current data for that interface.

The MIB Viewer also lets you view any SNMP object in a device’s Management Information Base (MIB). You can use the viewer to “walk” the MIB tree, viewing SNMP objects for any of the interfaces on a device (all interfaces on the device are listed in the interfaces category of the MIB).

To monitor an SNMP Object:

From the MIB Viewer, you can select an SNMP object to monitor: right-click on an SNMP counter, then select Monitor. The SNMP Graph Utility appears and begins graphing the selected SNMP object. You can select multiple objects to appear on the same graph.

To get the object identifier for an SNMP Object:

From the MIB Viewer, double-click an SNMP object. The object identifier and its value are shown in a dialog box.