Address Table

From the Table menu, select Address Table.

The IP Address Table shows the IP addressing and subnet addressing information for your network. Subnet addressing segments the IP address into a network portion, which identifies the network and sub-network, and a local portion, which identifies the device or interface. This segmenting is accomplished by specifying a network Mask.

The columns in the Address Table show the following information:

Address: The IP address to which this entry's addressing information pertains.

Index: A unique value that identifies the interface in the MIB’s ifTable (same as ifIndex).

Mask: The subnet mask associated with the IP address of this entry. The value of the mask is an IP address with all the network bits set to 1 and all the host bits set to 0.

Bcast: The value of the least-significant bit in the IP broadcast address used for sending datagrams on the (logical) interface associated with the IP address of this entry. For example, when the Internet standard all-ones broadcast address is used, the value will be 1.

ReasmMazSize: The size of the largest IP datagram that can be reassembled from incoming IP datagram fragments.


See RFC 1213 and 1156 for complete descriptions of all objects.