When a computer running Windows is joined to a domain, it is more difficult to ensure changes are cleared between user logon sessions. If you use Group Policy and Software Restrictions Policies, use a logoff script to reproduce the Restart computer after log off option, commonly located under General Settings in Windows SteadyState.

To use Group Policy to configure the computer to restart when a user logs off

  1. Open the Group Policy Object for the domain or organizational unit to which your users belong.

  2. Under User Configuration, expand Windows Settings, and then click Scripts (Logon/Logoff).

  3. Open the Logoff object and add a logoff script. The logoff script can be a script written in any scripting language supported by Windows that contains a command to restart the computer.

Note IconNote:
You can use the shutdown command in a batch file to restart the computer. At the command prompt, type the following command:shutdown -r -t 00The shutdown command is restricted when you restrict access to the command prompt. You can also use the ForceLogoff.exe tool included with Windows SteadyState to restart the computer.