Now that the shared user profiles have been exported, you can use Import User to import them to your shared computers running Windows SteadyState.

Note IconNote:
Make sure that Windows Disk Protection is set to Retain all changes permanently before importing the shared user profiles. Otherwise, Windows Disk Protection will remove them when the computer restarts.

To import user profiles

  1. If you exported the user profiles to a removable storage device, insert the storage device into the appropriate drive or USB port.

  2. Open Windows SteadyState.

  3. Click Import User.

  4. In the Import User dialog box list, select the location in which you saved the exported shared user profiles.

  5. You will see the file names of the shared user profiles in the Import User dialog box. Select a shared user profile and click Open.

  6. Enter the shared user profile password in the Password box. The user name already appears in the User Name box.

  7. Enter the user password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes. You can enter any password which complies with Windows XP or Windows Vista password policy requirements; however, for ease of administration we recommend that you make the password consistent on all of the shared computers in your environment. Click OK.

A message will appear stating that the shared user profile has been successfully imported. The shared user profile user name will now be included in User Settings in the Windows SteadyState main dialog box.

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