The terms and definitions provided in Table 3 are specific to Windows SteadyState or a shared computer experience, and apply to the content in this Help file. For more information on terms and definitions, see Windows SteadyState Glossary.

Table 3: Shared User Terminology

Term Definition

Shared user profile

A shared user profile is a single user profile, attached to a single user account that is shared by multiple users on one computer.


A user is a person who uses a shared computer.

Shared user account

A single user account that is logged on to by multiple users.

Figure 2 shows the differences between a user profile in Windows XP or Windows Vista and a shared user profile in Windows SteadyState. When shared user profiles are created in Windows SteadyState, settings and restrictions are applied to all users who access the shared user account on the computer.

Figure 2: User profiles in Windows XP or Windows Vista and shared user profiles in Windows SteadyState.

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