Important software updates include any Microsoft updates, security updates, or any custom updates required by applications installed on the computer.

Select Updates

If you choose to automatically install updates at a scheduled time using Windows SteadyState, you can then choose which updates you want to include under Select Updates. If you choose Use Windows SteadyState to automatically download and install updates, Windows SteadyState will automatically install Microsoft Update, Windows Update, or Windows Server Update Services, depending on which of these is currently used by the operating system running on your computer.

Note IconNote:
Windows SteadyState only automates critical updates from Microsoft. It does not automatically install recommended updates, optional updates, driver updates, or special updates that may have their own license agreements. Review the updates available on Microsoft Update periodically, manually download and install the ones you want, and then make sure that the Retain all changes permanently option is turned on in the Protect the Hard Drive dialog box. For more information, see Manually Download and Install Updates.

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