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Scanning large objects may take a long time. Sometimes, only a smaller area of a disk needs to be scanned or searched for files. Such area is called a region. A region can be created on any object in the R-Studio's Drives panel.

Created regions can be scanned, and files on them can be recovered in the same way as from hard drives or logical disks.

Created regions can be deleted or their size can be changed.

Note: R-Studio does not create anything real on the disk. Regions are virtual objects that do not affect actual data on the disk.

To create a region

1 Select an object on the R-Studio's Drives panel and click the Create Region button

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· Right-click the selected object and select Create Region on the shortcut menu


· Select the object and select Create Region on the Create menu


· Select the object and press the F4 key on the keyboard
2 Specify required parameters on the Create region dialog box and click the Create button
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Create region dialog box

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Disk size:

Shows size of the object where the region is to be created. The region cannot be larger than this size.


Start point of the region


Size of the region. Cannot be larger than Disk size.

Numbers in these fields can be in bytes or sectors. If no letters are after the numbers, R-Studio assumes the numbers are in bytes.

See Data Formats for more details.

> A Region object will appear on the Drives panel.

To remove a region

* Select a Region on the R-Studio Drives panel and click the Remove button, or

Right-click the selected region and select Remove Region on the shortcut menu.

To change the size of a region

* Right-click a Region on the R-Studio Drives panel, select Edit on the shortcut menu, and enter a new size on the Edit Region dialog box.