Exclusive Regions

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Exclusive regions are areas on any object visible on the the R-Studio's Drives panel that are excluded from disk operations. R-Studio never tries to read/write data from/to such area. Exclusive regions are necessary when, for example, there are areas with bad sectors on a hard drive, and it is necessary to avoid any disk operations with such areas to not inflict further damage to such drive and to speed work with it.

Note: R-Studio does not create anything real on the disk. Exclusive regions are virtual objects that do not affect actual data on the disk.

To create an exclusive region

1 Right-click an object on the R-Studio's Drives panel and select Create Exclusive Region on the shortcut menu, or

Select the object and select Create Exclusive Region on the Create menu

2 Specify required parameters on the Create Exclusive Region dialog box and click the Add  button
Click to enlarge
Create Exclusive Region dialog box

Click to expand/collapse Exclusive Region options


Start point of the exclusive region


Size of the exclusive region. Cannot be larger than Disk size.

Numbers in these fields can be in bytes or sectors. If no letters are after the numbers, R-Studio assumes the numbers are in bytes.

See Data Formats for more details.

> An Exclusive Region object will appear on the Drives panel.

Its properties can be seen on the Excluded Areas tab.

To remove an exclusive region

* Select an Exclusive Region on the R-Studio Drives panel and click the Remove button, or

Right-click the selected region and select Remove Region on the shortcut menu.

To change the size of an exclusive region

* Right-click an Exclusive Region on the R-Studio Drives panel, select Edit on the shortcut menu, and add/remove excluded areas on the Edite Exclusive Region dialog box.

You may remove an excluded area by right-clicking it and selecting Remove on the shortcut menu.