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Changing Passwords Using the
Credential Manager
When passwords are changed in Active Directory, they need to be updated everywhere they are in use in Enterprise Reporter. It is possible that the account could be locked if you do not make this change. The Credential Manager makes this easy by providing a central store for accounts. You can change the password, and it is updated in all nodes, schedules, and so on.
If you modify credentials that are used by a discovery node, the node service must be restarted before the changes take effect. Enterprise Reporter will attempt to restart the node; however, if the restart fails, you may need to manually start the service on the computer hosting the node. If there are jobs currently running on the node, they will be canceled. To prevent this, either change the credentials during a down time, or cancel the discoveries yourself and restart them once the change takes effect.
To change the password on an account used by Enterprise Reporter
On the System | Configuration page, click Manage credentials used by Enterprise Reporter.
It is recommended that you make these changes while no discoveries are running or waiting to be run before changing the password.
A progress dialog box appears.