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What are Published Reports?
Reporting administrators can publish reports that will be useful to their users. When a report is added to the Published Reports container, it is visible to all reporting users the next time they open their console. These reports are generally customized to suit your environment. You can base a published report on a report from the library, or you can create a new report and publish it. To prevent users from accidentally running an unfinished report, you cannot create or edit reports directly in Published Reports.
You cannot modify published reports, but you can fill in the parameters and run them.
If you are a reporting user, you can run reports from the published reports container, and copy them to My Reports (see Copying Reports) so they can be modified (see Editing Reports). For example, you may want to run different versions of the same report. By creating several copies in My Reports and saving the parameter values, you can save yourself time.
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