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Creating a Script to Run with a Report
Scripting allows you to insert scripts into a report and execute them when the report is previewed, printed or exported. Script commands should be placed within the event handlers of the report objects. When the corresponding event occurs (for example, a mouse click), the script code runs.
Script languages supported include C#, Visual Basic and J#.
To add a script to an event
To edit the existing layout, click the Layout button, then click the Edit this layout in the layout designer button.
For more information, see Changing the Layout.
On the Property Grid in the Behavior section, expand the Scripts property and click the event on which to run the script.
Use the Validate option to validate and view script errors in the bottom panel.
Click OK to save changes and exit the script editor.
– OR – 
Click the Designer tab to return to the Report Designer to continue editing the report.
You can edit and view the script by selecting the Scripts tab on the main Report Designer page.