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Adding a New Grouping to a Report Layout
Groupings are set in a report layout using group bands. Each group band needs to be configured with applicable settings to group the information in your report in a meaningful manner.
To add a new grouping to a report layout
To edit the existing layout, click the Layout button, then click the Edit this layout in the layout designer button.
For more information, see Changing the Layout.
Click Insert Band and click Group Header to create a group header band.
Click the group header band and click on the > icon to open the Group Header Tasks dialog box.
Click Add to add a new group field to the collection.
In the Group Field properties panel, click the Field Name drop-down arrow and select the data field for grouping.
Repeat this step for each level of grouping required.
Click OK to save the grouping collection.
Optionally configure group header settings such as Keep Together and Repeat Every Page to control how the groupings are displayed in the report.