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Report Bands
When the layout designer is first opened, you are provided with a standard report layout template. A report layout contains report bands. Bands are report sections that can be printed once in a report (report header and footer), on each report page (page header and footer), for each data entry (detail band), for each data group (group header and footer).
The Detail Band is the central part of a report. Unlike other report bands, you cannot delete this band. The contents of the Detail band are repeated for every data entry produced by the report query.
The template provided in the Report Manager contains the following bands:
Controls can be added to each band. Some of the standard types of controls available are as follows:
Each control has multiple properties that can be updated using the Property Grid. Properties related to appearance, behavior, layout, and data can be set and edited. For full information on each property, see the Report Designer User Guide (Developer Express), located in the folder where you installed the Report Manager.