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Database Size Estimator Overview : Object Collection Window

Object Collection Window
Upon launching the application, the user is presented with the Object Collection window containing three groups of attributes: Active Directory, Computers, and Quest Access Services (QAS). Each of these groups contains several values which enable the application to estimate the size of a Quest Reporter database over time. The initial window also provides the user with the option of viewing the size of the database after it has grown for one to ten years.
In the Active Directory group, the user may enter the number of AD domains, users, and groups. The Computers group provides fields for the number of computers whose information will be collected by Quest Reporter, along with the average number of files and folders per computer and the number of registry entries per computer. Finally, the QAS group provides fields for the number of QAS users and groups that will be reported on by Quest Reporter.
At the bottom of the Object Collection Window, the user may specify the number of years (ranging from one to ten) over which the database will grow.