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Introducing Quest Reporter : Appendix A: Configuring Quest Reporter : Customizing Quest Reporter Settings : Setting Collection Status Features

Setting Collection Status Features
When you run scheduled collections or live report templates, you can track the status of the report collection. The information is saved in a status file. The status file provides the following information on the collection status for every computer:
Using the Configure utility, you can:
Use this feature if you want all status files from all computers to reside in a central location.
Depending on your network reports, the status file can be large. Use this feature to avoid displaying all the information in the listview.
By default, status files older than 30 days will be removed.
To set the options for the collection status file
Select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | Quest Management Suite | Reporter | Configure.
Click the Status tab.
– OR – 
Click Browse to search for the directory.
Click OK.