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Introducing Quest Reporter : Appendix A: Configuring Quest Reporter : Selecting Domain Controllers : Selecting DCs for Last Logon Attribute Queries

Selecting DCs for Last Logon Attribute Queries
You can use this feature to determine the number of DCs that will be queried. This can reduce the time to gather the information. This setting is particularly useful if you are gathering the following Last Logon attribute values: Last Logon Time and Last Logon Server.
Information for each DC is collected on a thread.
To select a DC
Select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | Quest Management Suite | Reporter | Configure.
Click the Active Directory Last Logon tab.
Click Modify to set the DCs that you want to query.
This option is recommended if you want to search a large number of objects. All objects in a domain will be queried with a single bind instead of binding to each individual object one at a time.