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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating Custom Report Templates and Favorites : Using Favorites for Frequent Reporting : Scheduling Favorites

Scheduling Favorites
After you create your favorites, you can schedule them to run at regular intervals to give an ongoing status of key network objects.
For example, you can create the following favorites directory structure:
Add favorite report templates to these folders that are appropriate to the type of administrative work that must be done on that day. Schedule the favorite to run the night before, so that the reports are generated by the time you get in that day. The output of the favorites will show you areas that must be addressed in the network for that day.
To schedule a favorite
The account requires the right, Log on As Batch Job. Each time a job is created, Quest Reporter ensures the right is assigned to the account. If you are an administrator, assign the right if necessary.
If you set the favorite report output type to File, then you can set up email notification. The email addresses receive a confirmation message each time a favorite runs.
You must configure SMTP settings before you can set the email address here. For more information, see Setting up a Server for Email Notifications.
You can also enter subject and body information in the email.
The scheduling information for a favorite can be viewed in the lower pane.