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Introducing Quest Reporter : Glossary : D

Data Collection
The phase of the reporting process where data is gathered from the network.
Data Storage
The phase during which collected data is stored in the database. Two modes of data storage are available: direct and compressed.
Direct data transport mode
One of two types of data storage modes used by Quest Reporter. In this mode, collected data is stored directly to the database. See also Compressed data transport mode.
Distinguished Name (DN)
The fully qualified name of an object in a hierarchical system. Distinguished names are used for all Active Directory objects and in the Domain Name System (DNS). No two objects in these systems should have the same distinguished name.
In relation to a Microsoft network, a logical collection of resources consisting of computers, printers, computer accounts, user accounts, and other related objects. The domain also has a system of logon authentication of user accounts, and computer accounts.
Domain Component
A domain component is used in distinguished names (DNs) to indicate an identifier for a part of an object's network domain. For example, /O=Internet/DC=COM/DC=Fabrikam/CN=Users/CN=Jeff Smith contains the domain components COM and Fabrikam.
Domain Controller (DC)
A server that authenticates domain logon passwords and maintains security policy and the security accounts master database for a domain.
Domain Local Group
A domain local group can be used on access-control lists (ACLs) only in its own domain. A domain local group can contain users and global groups from any domain in the forest, universal groups, and other domain local groups in its own domain.
Domain Name System (DNS)
A hierarchical naming system used for locating domain names on the Internet and private TCP/IP networks.
Domain Naming Master
The domain controller that has the domain naming master role is the only domain controller that can add new domains to the forest, remove existing domains from the forest, and add or remove cross-reference objects to external directories.