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Introducing Quest Reporter : Glossary : A

Access Control Entry (ACE)
An entry in an access-control list (ACL) that contains a set of access rights and a security identifier (SID) that identifies a trustee, such as a user or group, for whom the rights are allowed, denied, or audited.
Access Control List (ACL)
A list of access-control entries (ACEs) that define the security protections on an object. There are two kinds of ACLs that can appear in an object's security descriptor: a discretionary ACL (DACL) that controls access to the object, and a system ACL (SACL) that controls auditing of attempts to access the object.
Active Directory (AD)
The Windows directory service.
Administrative rights
The rights granted to a member of the Administrators local group. This member can perform such actions as creating user accounts, creating groups, and adding group members.
The process required to log on locally to a computer. Authentication requires a valid user name and password that exists in the local accounts database. An access token is created if the information provided matches the account in the database.