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Introducing Quest Reporter : Glossary : S

Scheduled collection
A scheduled process that performs the data collection process by leveraging report templates against the appropriate object scope. This process places the data in the Reporter database for later use, and no report output is generated. See also Stored data report.
Schedule Favorite
A scheduled process that allows the execution of a favorite.
In Windows, this describes the definition of the Active Directory database, including all classes of objects, their mandatory and optional attributes, and the data types used for storing.
A computer in a network shared by multiple users.
Folders that can be accessed through the network from a computer.
Security Identifier (SID)
In Windows operating systems, the SID is a unique alphanumeric character string that identifies each security principal (domain, user, group, computer). SIDs are used by the Windows operating system to represent these objects in resource permissions and other applications requiring reliable security authentication.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
The standard email protocol on the Internet for sending email messages between servers.
Stored data report
A reporting process during which only the scope of the report is effectively enumerated from the network. The content itself is extracted from previously collected information existing in the Reporter database. By contrast, see Live report.
A portion of a network that shares a common address component. On TCP/IP networks, subnets are defined as all devices whose IP addresses have the same prefix.