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Introducing Quest Reporter : Glossary : N

Naming Context
A naming context (also called a directory partition) is a contiguous Active Directory subtree that is replicated on one or more Windows 2000 DCs in a forest.
Native Mode
A Windows 2000 domain is in native mode when all DCs in the domain have been upgraded to Windows 2000 and an administrator has enabled native mode operation.
Network Interface Card (NIC)
A network adapter that plugs into both the client and server and controls the exchange of data between them. The NIC object represents a grouping of information related to network interface cards. This grouping allows one server to have one or more network interface cards.
In a network, a node is a connection point, either a redistribution point or an end point for data transmissions.
Email notification can be enabled or disabled for data collection activities. When notification is enabled, an email is sent once the data collection is complete.
NT File System (NTFS)
The system used by the Windows operating system for file storage and retrieval.