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Introducing Quest Reporter : Appendix A: Configuring Quest Reporter : Customizing Quest Reporter Settings : Configuring Log Settings

Configuring Log Settings
Logging records all actions and errors in Reporter to help you determine their location and probable cause.
You can set logging for the services and collections used with the compressed data transport mode. You must restart the services after you set logging options for them.
Use the Debug check box for services and collections in a test environment only. Selecting the Debug check box for either Services or Collections logging quickly generates extremely large log files (possibly gigabytes).
The information in Reporter’s logs is intended for troubleshooting in cooperation with Quest Support. Support might direct you to change the log settings to provide you with more information about a problem. The default settings are acceptable in normal operating conditions.
To configure log settings
Select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | Quest Management Suite | Reporter | Configure.
Click the Logging Options tab.
If you are changing the location for the log files, you must stop the services first. Click the Compressed Data Mode tab and click Stop.
By default, the root file name for the service logs includes the name of the service (not ReporterLog_).
If you are setting the log directory to a remote RDC, you must share the target folder in order for the Configure utility to recognize it. Then, when resetting the log directory in the Logging Options tab of the Configure utility, click Browse and select My Network Places to navigate to the target folder.
Select whether you want to create a new log file or overwrite the existing log when the maximum file size is reached.
Click OK.