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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating Custom Report Templates and Favorites : Adding Attributes for Customized Report Templates : Adding Active Directory Attributes

Adding Active Directory Attributes
Using the Configure tool, you can
For example, if you extend your Active Directory schema for the user object to store the Social Security Number attribute, you can include this attribute in custom report templates by adding it using the Configure tool.
Reporter does not support the following Active Directory attribute types: ObjectSecurityDescriptor, OID, OctetString, DNWithBinary
To add Active Directory attributes
Select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | Quest Management Suite | Reporter | Configure.
Click the Extend Reporter Attributes tab.
Click Add to select Active Directory attributes.
Click OK.
The newly added attributes are only available for custom report templates. You must add them only once to make them available for reporting.
The attributes cannot be removed after they are added.
Click OK.