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Introducing Quest Reporter : Database Maintenance : Creating New Tasks : Maintenance Tasks : Truncate the Transaction Log

Truncate the Transaction Log
This task performs a checkpoint operation on the selected database and truncates the transaction log file. It requires no parameters other than the scheduling of the task.
To truncate the database transaction log file
Select Checkpoint and Truncate the Transaction Log File and click Next.
Enter the user name and password that will be used to access the database, including the domain in the form domain\username if necessary, and click Next.
Either choose among the provided options or click Advanced for more detailed options.
If you want an email to be sent when the task is complete, check the box labelled Send an email message when the task finishes and provide the required information in the text boxes provided.
Click Next.
The task will be added to the list of tasks in the upper pane of the Maintenance tab.