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Introducing Quest Reporter : Reporting Examples : Checking for Groups with Identical Membership

Checking for Groups with Identical Membership
Reporter can help you effectively maintain your network environment. For example, you can modify the Duplicate Groups report to check for groups with identical membership. Once you’ve identified these groups, you can evaluate them for redundancy.
To check for groups with identical membership
It is recommended that you create a copy of the report template before changing its properties. If you change the properties of the original predefined report template, you cannot recover the default settings.
Expand Reporting | Report Templates | Domains. Right-click Duplicate Groups and select Duplicate.
A new report called Duplicate of Duplicate Groups appears below the Duplicate Groups Report.
On the General tab, name the report Groups With Identical Membership.
On the Attributes tab, add Members.
On the Duplicate Objects tab, deselect Group Name and select Members. In the Target Attribute column, select <Attribute> and choose Members.
Click OK to close the report properties.
On the Objects tab, click Add, and in the Object Picker select the desired domains. Click the Filter tab if you want to filter the data being collected.
For more information, see Applying Filters to Attributes.
Click the Collection tab to select collection options.
For more information, see Using Different Collection Modes.
Click the Output tab to select output options.
For more information, see Viewing and Saving Reports.
Click OK to generate the report.
The report shows only groups that have memberships identical to another group.