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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating and Using Object Sets : Importing Users, Groups, and Computers

Importing Users, Groups, and Computers
You can import users, groups, and computers into an object set.
You can generate a report using Reporter (or any other reporting tool), export the report results to a file, then import the information into the object set. The following file formats can be used: csv, .txt, and a comma or tab delimited text file.
There are required attributes that you need in the file to successfully import users, groups, and computers. The column header information must be provided in the text file exactly as shown in the following table. Note that some attribute combinations may take longer to retrieve than others.
– OR –
– OR –
– OR –
In the example text file shown here, Domain and SAM Account Name are required column headers. The data in those two columns will be imported into the object set—any other information in the text file is ignored.
The Domain name format can be provided in either Windows NT format or Active Directory format.
Sample text file information that will be imported into an object set