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Introducing Quest Reporter : Generating Reports : Viewing and Saving Reports : Sorting Report Fields in Delimited Files

Sorting Report Fields in Delimited Files
You can set the sort order for report fields when the report output is in a comma delimited or tab delimited format. You can set the sort order for the following file types: comma separated values, tab separated values, and Excel spreadsheet.
To select report output options
Click the Output tab.
Select Screen (default) or File.
Click Layout to select the style and orientation of the report.
The layout options apply to the following: reports displayed on the screen, .html reports, .pdf reports, and .rtf reports.
You can save the file to a network location or another user’s computer rather than on the local computer. For example, if your manager wants to review a certain report every Monday morning, you can generate the report Sunday night and save the report to your manager’s workstation.
If you select File, the following options are available:
Select the file type: .html, .txt (this file type extension can represent either comma separated values or tab separated values), .rtf, .pdf, or .xls.
If you select .html as the file type, select the check box if you want one HTML file generated for each page of the report.
If you select .txt or .xls, click Field Order to set the sort order for the fields. You must set this option every time you run the report template.
If there are different attributes in the report, you can only sort the object types for each attribute.
Append datestamp to file name
Select this check box to add the date that the report was generated to the end of the report name.
Click OK.