Adding final comments and recommendations

The response cannot be changed, but you can add your final comments and recommendations. You can add comments in the Final Comments area of the Response Details area. You can add recommendations in the Final Recommendation area of the Response Details area. You can also assign responsibility for follow-up tasks and enter a due date, if necessary.

To add the final comments and final recommendations

  1. In the Response Wizard, double-click a selected response bar.

  2. In the How do you want to view the <Questionnaire> dialog box, select Response Details.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Double-click in one of the rows in the <Questionnaire> Questions area to open the Comments and Recommendations dialog box for that question.

  5. Type your comments in the Final Comments area.

  6. Type your recommendations in the Final Recommendations area.

  7. In the Assign Responsibility field, type the name of the responsible individual.

  8. In the Due Date field, select a date.

  9. Click Apply Changes.