Loading a response file

The Response Wizard lets you explore the responses. You create reports and charts. You can export the data to external applications. The Response Wizard opens a tree chart. The chart is related to the active questionnaire. The questionnaire hierarchy is represented as blank bars at different levels in the tree chart. To populate the tree chart, you must load a response file.

To load a file using Add File(s)

  1. In the Loaded Response Data sidebar, click From XMLR File.

  2. In the Load Response Files dialog box, click Change Directory.

    Use the Browse for Folder dialog box to navigate to the folder that has the saved response files. Response files have an XMLR extension.

    You can load only the response files that are associated with the active questionnaire.

  3. In the file list area, double-click on a file to move the file to the loaded area.

    Response files that are associated to the active questionnaire are marked with a green check mark icon. An icon with a red X means that the file is not associated. You can highlight a file to see its properties before you move the file.

  4. Click Load to add the file to the tree chart.

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